What can cause bad and unrested sleep?

Many people have a hard time falling asleep. Reasons for a bad sleep can be the own mobile phone or tablet next to the bed, coffee that is consumed too close to the bedtime, as well as an uncomfortable mattress and bed sheets. A bad sleep and unregular bedtimes can cause serious harm to the own body and mind.

It can have serious effects on the immune and mood system of the body. Not enough deep sleep cycles can also lead to concentration deficiencies and reduce the learning abilities. The most important cause for bad sleep is the wrong choice for the own bedding.

Improve your choice for your own mattress

It is not a secret, that a good mattress can improve the sleeping quality immensely.

Proven by many medical professionals and websites, can even the choice for the bed sheets influence on the sleep. You can prepare your sleep by following simple steps, like turning off your phone, reading a book, find the right temperature or even dim the light. However, these measurements help you more to fall asleep but don’t have a big effect on the sleep cycle than the mattress has.

It is therefore important to find a bed, that you feel comfortable laying in. Especially people in relationships are affected by a wrong mattress choice. Man and women normally need different kinds of mattresses, with a different level of flexibility.

Whereas man sleeps better on hard mattresses, need women a softer core mattress. Optimally would the bed, therefore, contain two different kinds of mattresses? The most common effects of sleeping on a wrong mattress are headaches. This is caused by a bad position in the bad, that leads the muscles in your back and neck to be tense.

What is the right bedding for me?

The bedding can have great influence on the temperature in the bed and the overall sleep comfort. If the bedding too warm and has a high percentage of wool in the fabric, you will sweat a lot during the night.

However, if the bedding is too thin, you are at risk to get a cold during the night. In both cases can a bad bedding lead to unintentionally waking up during the night. Therefore, a right mix between whole and other more lighter fabrics like polyester should be used, that ensures that the body has a stable temperature throughout the night. Another factor is the level of comfort, that can be achieved through the bedding.

Especially the pillow is an important part of a comfortable sleep. Knowing the best time of pillow for your sleeping position can compensate for a bad mattress and give support to the neck. Back sleepers should use a medium-firm pillow, whereas side sleeper should go for memory foam or firm till hard pillows. The own pillow should be regularly washed and replaced every two years.

A combination of sleeping rituals, a good mattress and bedding can, therefore, increase the chances for having an uninterrupted and proper night sleep and improve the own mental and physical health.


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