Picking the right mattress and relaxing before sleep

Time is the most valuable thing we have. Someone even said that time is money. We use our time at work to earn money for the things we want, and we use our spare time on the things we love.

Sleeping is great though it is time spent on nothing. So the key is to get the best sleep as possible.

A lot of people have difficulties getting to sleep, this is due to a lot of reasons; one of them is new technology. Our mobile phones, tablets and tv distracts us and inhibits us from letting our bodies relax before the sleep. Here is some advices on how to relax before sleeping:

Choosing the right mattress

If you are about to buy a new mattress, there is some great advices to follow for the optimal experience. If you pick the wrong type of mattress it will not only affect your sleep, but also you psychical health. It can hurt especially your back.

There are many different types of mattresses; picking the right one for you sleep and not design, roughly is about size and how hard it is. So this post want take in to consideration; the design, the extra technology or features nor the price. We will take that to consideration in another post.

The perfect size and hardness of the mattress depends on your body type. If the mattress is too hard, it will be rough for your spine and your body won’t be in alignment.

If the mattress is too soft; your body wont get the support it needs.

The quick advice is: if you are tall you will need a wide mattress to allow your body to move during night. If you weigh more than the normal, you will need to have a harder mattress than normal and vice versa.

The remedy for relaxation

It is a good idea to find a place to relax before going to sleep. Often there are no routine mixed sleep patterns. It may be, for example it to sit in a chair reading a book or the like. If it becomes a routine, body goes automatically in preparing sleep.


Image cred: holmrisonline

The armchair is a great habit, not only can it be a good place to accustom his body to relax, but it is also a place that is independent of habit, invites relaxation. It is as if there is something mythological about armchairs. Many have memories about parents or grandparents in particular, who have used it for relaxation.

The chair is often also located in the house’s best view, it is the water you can see on the horizon, or whether it is the view of the kitchen garden. Comfort should also like to be in a class by itself, sharing is part of an armchair justification in a room.

“Every book has a soul, the soul of the person who wrote it and the soul of those who read it and dream about it”
Carlos Ruiz Zafón

At best grandfather shape, you can choose to read either a book or a newspaper.

Of course, there are also other types of reading material, but most important is that reading makes more tired. Of course, it can seem a little counterintuitive that you sit in lean chair to relax, but reading to get the brain made tired.

Nevertheless, a combination works. Especially, if it is not too heavy a substance reading.

I found that reading magazines works the best for me. Sometimes I read a newspaper. These two is for me because I can read short articles and I do not have to read the whole thing.

The problem with a novel for me is that if it is a great one I won’t let it go and this will harm my sleep as well.

Though a lot of people find great joy in reading novels before going to sleep.

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