How to relax mentally before going to bed

We all know it – as an adult you need to sleep 7 – 8 hours each night – but still many adults are battling to improve their sleeping habits.

There are many practical advices as don’t drink coffee or exercise before going to bed, but often the actual reason, many adults have a bad sleeping cycle is that they are not mentally ready to sleep.

It isn’t because of caffeine or adrenaline, but because many adults don’t have regular bedtimes due to work, kids or they simply enjoy staying up late after the kids are asleep.

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To be mentally ready for sleeping includes arranging the day around your sleeping patterns.

Don’t snooze; don’t take to long naps during the day and set the alarm for the same time every morning. This is the solid foundation for healthy sleeping patterns.

Mentally tired = Mentally relaxed

Because of our fast paced life, many adults aren’t able to process the impressions of the day, because they don’t have one single peaceful hour during the day.

The consequence of this fast pace is that our brains are first processing the stimulants from the day, when we hit bed or while we are sleeping, and that means bad sleep – or no sleep.

One trick to clear the mind before sleeping is to write down the thoughts or major learning’s of the day.

To keep a diary may sound a little soft and weak, but today many business leaders and professionals are dedicating 15 minutes of their day, to reflect on their decisions, and at the same time prep themselves mentally for tomorrow.

A mental balance is important for sleeping.

The book “Miracle Morning” is a good read, if you have a hard time with this diary thing.


Another piece of advice is rid your life of screens and electronical devices an hour before you are slamming the bed.

It’s a radical advice, and it means you shouldn’t check Facebook or watch Netflix when you are lying in the bed right before sleeping, which probably has become a habit for a majority.

If you have become interested in prepping your sleep there are many tips out there.

How I prepare for sleeping

I actually write down my thought for the day.

Not everyday, but when I feel an overload of impressions and thought.

I think I at least do it once every week and for me it isn’t necessary to do it just before sleeping. I do it when I find time to do it.

When I lived in the inner city, where there is always some noise,

I really struggled to find rest. I tried different methods as reading books before sleeping and watching Netflix, but none of it worked.

Apparently I was really sensitive towards the pulse of the city.

I felt like every time I didn’t hang out with people, I missed out on something.


After I moved I became aware of noise cancelling headphones as Jabra, which normally are used in open workspaces to enter your concentration zone, but I think it could have worked for me as room of rest in the inner city.

When I tried noise cancelling in a tech store, I was really surprised with the vacuum it creates.

The worst part about sleeping patterns is that it’s difficult to generalize, so my tips might not solve your problem. You need to experiment and figure out, what works for you.

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