IT devices can ruin your sleep

Avoid “motivating” your body for work – just before sleep time.

If you want to maximize the benefits of your sleep, it is important that the body is relaxed when you lie down in bed.

Otherwise the body will use valuable time of your sleep to lay restless in the bed.

Here are some advices to relax before sleep:

• Do not consume caffeine (e.g. through tea, coffee and soft drinks).
• Do not exercise before bedtime and make sure to be active earlier in the day.
• Don’t eat large portions of food before bedtime, as the body need to be active to digest food.
• Make sure you have a proper sleep rhythm; so go to bed and get up, as regularly as possible. Same time each day.
• Meditation before bed relaxes both body and mind.
• Avoid too much noise before and during sleep. Make sure the room is as dark as possible.
• Don’t continuing use drugs for insomnia, unless your doctor says otherwise.


Turn off the computer one hour before sleep

IT has become a fixture in our home, and we use it more and more, due to the endless amount of opportunities that come with the new technology.

In fact, studies have shown that we spend well over twice as long time with IT during a normal day compared to the time in 2000.

This is partly due to new technology; smart phones, tablets and partly because of the technology becomes cheaper.

The amount of computers sold worldwide has gone from 135 million in 2000 to 355 million in 2011. Computers have become something everybody owns and everybody uses.

The same goes for Ipads and mobile phones; therefore we have to think about what all the time spent of different devices do to our health; especially our sleep.


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We spend more and more time on the phone, and mobile sales keeps going up!

The reason why it is a problem, that we spend so much time with electronics, is that it has been shown; among other things ruin our sleep rhythms.

Research shows, that not only the lack of exercise has an effect on our sleep, but also the strong light coming from the electronic devices we surround ourselves with.

If you wish to improve your sleep and the rhythm of it, your time spent on different IT-devices is a good place to start.

Research shows that it is especially in the hours prior to going to sleep, the electronics affects most negative.

An idea for better sleep, is to simply stop using electronics one hour before going to sleep. This is an easy step, but if you simply cannot put down the devices before sleeping; then there are alternatives to that.

App as an alternative to turning off your computer or smart phone

Is it too hard to stay away from the electronics before bedtime, then there are alternatives that still helps your sleep. The problem with the electronics is that it emits a lot of blue light.

This light confuses the brain into thinking that it is morning and the brain, therefore, must be active.

Being not exposed to this light, the brain will automatically understand that it is about time to go to bed.

When the brain is too active before going to sleep, you come automatically to not get the full benefit of the sleep. For the purpose of this, there have been developed some new applications for mobile, tablets and computers.

These programs takes control over the amount of blue light the device emits, and helps to avoid too much on the type of light.

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